EXCHANGE: The North Hills Church Of Christ 2017 Youth Rally - Details

Where: North Hills Church of Christ , 797 Thompson Run Road, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 15237 (US).
Date: 22 Sep, 2017 -24 Sep, 2017
Time: 19:00 -20:00
Event description:

God gave you gifts, talents, and skills. 

Many times, we go through our lives and keep these gifts separated from God. We may share them with others, but we don’t realize that we can use them to glorify our Father.

Stop. Close your eyes. Picture for a moment the gifts and talents you’ve been given. Think about your passions and what drives you. Picture a way in which you can use that to glorify God. How can you use your abilities to participate in the redemption of a fallen world?

God is the creator of all good things, and all good things can be used to glorify Him.

Have you ever stopped to think that the Creator of the universe gave YOU specific gifts and talents? He took time to share something He loves with you, you have a piece of His heart fused into your DNA. If the parable of the talents teaches us anything, it’s that God hopes you will take what he has given you and unleash it on the world—in the hopes that your gifts will inspire others to seek Him.

God gives and we give back, this is the story of humanity. We call it, the "Exchange.” 

Join us on September 22 – 23 and participate in the conversation.


Keynote Speaker:  David Skidmore from Murfreesboro, TN 

Special Performances:  RSVP and Awkward Silence



If we receive your registration on or before September 15, the fee is $7.00.  Late registration or registration at the door is $12.00.  The registration fee will be collected when you arrive at North Hills.  If the registration fee is difficult for any member of your group, the fee will be waived.   North Hills Youth Rally t-shirts will be available at the Youth Rally for $11.00.  Early registration price is $9.00.



7:00pm     Registration

8:00pm     Welcome

9:30pm     Dismissal and housing


10:00am   Registration

10:30am   Welcome

3:45pm     Dinner on the town

5:45pm     Return for evening session

8:00pm     Dismissal

Chaperones must stay for the youth rally; do not drop off your group and leave.