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  • Terry Lafferty

    Terry Lafferty and his family joined the North Hills family in May 2010. Terry serves as our minister. As well as preaching, Terry teaches adult Bible class and leads our Outreach and Missions Engagement Ministry Teams.  He works with all of the North Hills Ministry leaders in their efforts to spread God's word to the world and he works closely with the Elders as they seek to fulfill God's mission for the church


    Terry also provides pastoral counseling to those in need.  He has been preaching and teaching God’s Word for 30 years and has a great passion for sharing the riches of God’s kingdom.  You have an open invitation to meet with Terry anytime to ask a question, talk about life issues or simply get to know him a little better.


    At Terry’s side is his beautiful wife Jennifer, together they have blessed with six beautiful children: Patrick, Corrigan, Braden,  LeeAnne, Jedidiah and Matthew.  They are excited to be a part of the family here at North Hills.


    Terry holds an AA in Liberal Arts from Northeastern Christian Junior College and a BS in Youth Ministry from Oklahoma Christian University.

  • Paul Holdren
    (412) 445-5361 (cell)

    Paul, Debbie and Zak Holdren arrived at the North Hills church of Christ in the summer of 2000, after living in eight different cities during the first twenty years of Paul’s career in the Healthcare industry.


    These last fifteen years have been the most spiritually rewarding for the Holdrens according to Paul. He believes this is, in large part, due to the loving and welcoming environment and the enduring relationships they enjoy with the North Hills Christian family. His spiritual growth has been fostered by, and anchored in, the sound New Testament teaching that is presented here.


    Paul grew up his entire life in the churches of Christ, where his father was a minister in various congregations of the church in Northern West Virginia and Eastern Ohio. Paul was baptized as a young teenager and is thankful to have been blessed with faithful parents that instilled in him the importance and relevance of our Heavenly Father, and his desire to call all those who will follow him, into eternal salvation.


    After his professional career required him to work out of town for most of the last twelve years, Paul retired from full time work in September of 2015, and now works part time as the President of Adeptys, Inc., a professional healthcare management consulting firm that he founded in 2002.


    His desire in filling the role of an elder is to serve, teach, and encourage his Christian family in any way possible to enhance and grow in their relationship with God, and to engage those who are seeking salvation.

  • Jeff Wolfgong

    Jeff Wolfgong grew up in Western Pennsylvania and has been a lifelong member of Churches of Christ. He was a preteen when he was baptized into Christ and he has been continuously faithful to God and his church ever since. Jeff and his family moved back to the Pittsburgh area in 1999 after living in Knoxville TN for 12 years. He and his family became members of the North Hills church at that time and Jeff was asked to serve as an elder in 2004.


    Jeff enjoys leading singing, teaching classes, studying God’s word, and shepherding. He works full time as the Director of Quality Management for a robotics company in Pittsburgh.





Serving Deacons

In order to carry on the work that God has set out for the North Hills family, we have a dedicated group of individuals that make up our Deacons and Ministry Leaders.  We have serving Deacons in each of the following areas:

  • Worship – Kipp Madison
  • Worship Support – Dave Ferguson
  • Finance – Jim Steigerwald




Ministry Leaders

In addition to the Deacons chosen by the congregation, a number of other individuals have been selected to lead our efforts in the following ministry areas:

  • Attendance – Dennis McCoy
  • A/V & Computers – Bobby Strickland
  • Benevolence/Missions/Safety – Ed Kairis
  • Building &  Maintenance – Boots Feathers
  • Communications – Anne Taylor
  • Children’s Education – Cheryl Rampton
  • Evangelism – KC Branson
  • Financial Support – Matt Utz & Jim Steigerwald
  • Friendspeak – Jenny Lafferty & Katie Jackson
  • Life Groups – Mike and Lea Brown
  • Meal’s Ministry – Women’s Ministry Overseeing
  • Men – Jeff Wolfgong
  • Mission’s Engagement – Terry Lafferty
  • Outreach & Greeters – Terry Lafferty
  • Strategic Planning – Elders
  • Teens – Brian & Amy McCumsey
  • Women – Tammy Wolfgong & Nicole Feathers

  • Young Adults – Dave & Vikki Ferguson







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