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In the spring of 1975, three Christian families came together in the home of James Webb and held the first worship services of what was to become the North Hills Church of Christ. The group continued to worship in the Webb home for some months, until growth caused them to begin having services in rented space on McKnight Road in the North Hills.


By 1977, the congregation had grown to over 50, and the decision was made to seek a location for a permanent home for the North Hills Church.  In early 1977, the congregation, now numbering over 80 people, purchased an existing home and four acres of land on the corner of Thompson Run Road and McIntyre Road, Services were moved into the home in mid 1977 and the congregation worshiped there until our building was finished and available in 1985.  


In 1983 enough outside support was raised to start building the current building which was completed and dedicated in June of 1985. During the early years of our church family, our efforts were supported by help from other congregations. In 1994, we became self supporting and as our family has grown, we have been fortunate enough to begin supporting outside missionary and evangelism efforts in western Pennsylvania and around the world.  


During our 40-year history, the North Hills Church of Christ has had a number of wonderful ministers. The list includes:

  • George Yates & Dick Beasley
  • Roger Chain
  • David Fisher
  • Jerry Stumpf
  • Elmer Wolfgong
  • Kevin Wolfgong
  • John Vaught

Our current minister, Terry Lafferty joined us in May of 2010. As we continue to grow, we are excited about the possibilities to extend God’s word and to bring new people into a true relationship with Jesus Christ.   The North Hills Church of Christ is blessed with many talents, from our shepherds who serve us as Elders, through our Deacons and Ministry Leaders and the individual members of God’s family in the North Hills.

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