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Fathom: North Hills Church Of Christ 2019 Youth Rally
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Where: North Hills Church of Christ , 797 Thompson Run Road, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 15237 (US).
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Event description:

So, you think you know the story?

You’ve heard it over and over and now it’s just noise, the sound of ocean waves on the seashore.

This is kid stuff. Flannel board material. A lesson for children’s worship.

A man runs from God–as far as he can go in the opposite direction.

God pursues, as he always does, but this time in an unconventional way.

Enter the big fish.

This is what you most likely know of the story. These are the highlights that stick in your brain.

What if there is more?

What if this children’s story has something to say to us today?

From a ship yard in Joppa, to the shores of Tarshish, to the depths of the ocean, and finally the sands of Nineveh.

Most of what we think we know of Jonah happens in the first seventeen verses.

What about the thirty-one that follow?

Join us as we dive fathoms below the surface to explore the depths of a story most of us have known since childhood.

Can you fathom the impossible?


Dates:  September 27-28

Registration Deadline:  September 18

Keynote Speaker:  David Skidmore

Special Performances by Bean & Bailey and RSVP



If we receive your registration on or before September 18, the fee is $7.00.  Late registration or registration at the door is $12.00.  The registration fee will be collected when you arrive at North Hills. If the registration fee is difficult for any members of your group, the fee will be waived.  North Hills Youth Rally t-shirts will be available at the Youth Rally for $11.00.  Early registration price for t-shirts is $9.00.



7:00 Registration
8:00 Welcome
9:30 Dismissal and housing
9:30 Registration
10:00 Welcome
4:00 Dinner on the town
6:00 Return for evening session
8:00 Dismissal
Chaperones must stay for the youth rally; do not drop off your group and leave.


Registration options:
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Fathom: North Hills Church of Christ 2019 Youth Rally $ 12.00
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