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Holding the Hill – A Ministry for Men

As Christian men, we realize that we are living in a spiritual battlefield.  We are engaged in a battle for our own souls, a battle for our marriages, and a battle for our children.  Every day we must fight the battle to live Godly lives in a culture where God has been conformed to man’s image.  Therefore, we are declaring that we intend to  “hold the hill”.  We are going to fight for our families, for our character and for the values of our God!  We will not shrink from our roles as spiritual leaders, we will not shift from the standard God has laid out for us, and we will not compromise the truth.  No, we are “holding the hill”, and we are fighting for our souls, and for eternity.  We understand there is strength in numbers, so, equipped with the armor of God, we will fight alongside each other and we will fight for each other. We invite you to join us as we “hold the hill”.  For more information please contact the church at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

Monthly Men's Meeting

This monthly gathering is held in a different man's home on the second Thursday of each month. We share a meal, fellowship and a bible study that is relevant to our lives and the struggles we face as men. A minimum of one Thursday a quarter we have a get together that is primarily recreational in nature and designed to deepen the bonds between us as Christian brothers.

Men's Retreats

Our spring retreat is held in mid-April at the Wolfgong camp near Sigel PA. Our goals for this retreat are leadership development, a bonding experience between the men attending, and a mentoring of the teens attending. Each teen invited attends with his father or a sponsoring member of the men's group. We share devotional time, good food, and grow closer together at this event.
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