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Who We Are

Christian men live in a spiritual battlefield. We are engaged in a war for our marriages, our children, our faith, and our own souls. We must fight every day to live Godly lives in a world where Satan is at work to defeat us. It is not easy so the men in our church support each other as we commit to maintain the strongholds of our faith, which we refer to as “hold the hill”.





Monthly Gatherings

We gather monthly to encourage each other and strengthen our relationships. Some gatherings are for us to have discussion and Bible study about challenges that we face as men and to equip us to be the spiritual leaders God calls us to be. These are typically held at the home of one of the men and includes a meal together.


Other times we meet just to have some good wholesome fun together, such as:

  • Bowling
  • Yard games
  • Wing nights
  • Top Golf



Spring Retreat

We typically go away for a weekend in late April to have an extended time of fellowship and spiritual development. It is typically held in a remote rustic setting allowing us to truly retreat from the chaos of life to recharge and reconnect.

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